You may have gotten angry many times, but do you stay angry forever? The Shiva sutra, ‘Atma Chittam’, conveys something very important. Day, night, clouds and colours all appear in the sky, and later disappear. Similarly, the mind imagines many things, which disappear just as they came.

也许你经常生气,但你会永远生气吗?在希瓦经典里”Atma Chittam”传递了某些重要信息。天空中交替着白天,黑夜,云朵和彩霞而后消失。同样的,心智充满想象,却会稍纵即逝。

Just as light fades in the evening, anger also fades. It is the same with envy. There is a limit to everything. When one thought arises, another falls away. Where does it go? All is in our mind. That mind is the Self. Clouds may cover the sky, but the purity of the sky remains untouched. Whatever may be the state of mind, the Self is pure. There is no such thing as a bad Self. As anger is a quality of the Divine, it is also a quality of the Self ! That is why it is said, ‘Atma Chittam’ —the mind itself is the Self. The mind is part of the Divine.

就像黄昏时逐渐暗淡的光线,愤怒也会消褪。嫉妒也一样。每件事都有个极限。一个新的念头浮现,就会打消原有的念头。它去哪儿了?在心智里。那心智即是”我”!也许云朵会遮蔽天空,天空的纯净丝毫无损。无论心智处于何种状态,本我依然纯净如初。没有所谓”糟糕的”本我的说法。愤怒既是神性也是本我的特质!这就是为何有”Atma Chittam”的这种说法,心智本身就是”我”。心智就是神性的一部分。

When we say ‘Do your sadhana,’ it means sadhana needs to be done daily. This is because there are millions of cells in our brain. Some work today, and others work tomorrow just like workers do shifts in a factory. The factory is running continually, but the workers have shifts — they come, work and leave. Similarly, in our brain neurons work in shifts.


Some neurons are trained today, others will get trained tomorrow and others will be trained the day after tomorrow. Through this process, one day you will reach perfection, siddhi. This will happen only if japa chanting or meditation is done regularly.


Translator : Seva 雅菊