In June 2020, my doctor confirmed that my cancer recurred. The cancer cells had spread to my lungs and my lumbar spine. During the day, I coughed non-stop whenever I talked. At night, I suffered from such excruciating pain in my lower back that I could hardly sleep. My condition worsened over the months and I was at the brink of giving up life. I was severely deprived of sleep and my energy level fell to its lowest point. This prompted me to write my will.  How I wish I was in Switzerland so that I could opt for euthanasia to end all the suffering and pain!

Then there were these two friends of mine who kept on persuading me to join the intro talk on Happiness Program organized by The Art of Living. After several invitations, I decided to give it a try. I felt very much at ease when I saw the teacher, Mr Jason. The whole session was a brand new experience for me. Mr Jason shared that the course can help to improve sleep quality. Out of curiosity, I signed up for the Happiness Program.

During the course, I found the teacher’s words very sensible and I was able to relate well. The sound “so hum” was very powerful indeed though I did not understand what it meant and to whom it belonged. I had a lot of questions but despite all doubts, I chose to just follow and do as being instructed. There was just nothing more to lose at this point of life. On the last day of the course, they asked for my feedback. I felt calm and my heart was full of gratitude. Teacher June introduced the Art of Living to us. I did a bit of research on Gurudev (its founder) and was in awe of him. In July, I joined Guru Purnima Advanced Meditation Program and two months later, I registered for yet another meditation course – Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course, which was guided by Teacher Zok. Since then, breathing and meditation have become a vital part of my life. I took time off to practice them every day and attend knowledge classes. I did not stop just here. I took up yoga and spared time for detoxification. I devoted time to taking care of my well-being.

Slowly, I opened up myself and became a more positive person. I started to make changes, which I once failed to do so, one step at a time. Whenever I fell into delusions, I could always find a way to calm my chattering mind. Eventually, the amount of time being trapped in negativity reduced, and so as the number of times I felt down.  

During my treatment sessions, I did feel anxious. I endured pain and discomfort when I was pricked by needles. In spite of this, I was able to stay calm and collected, thanks to the meditation I did. Apart from this, I noticed that my quality of my sleep improved a lot too.

Looking back to 2018 when I was first diagnosed with cancer, I attended countless spiritual courses and counselling sessions, not forgetting reading motivational books. I knew very well what should be done but I just could not change the way I think. Negativity enveloped me. (This resembled what was told in the bible – I am determined to do good, but I can’t do it). All the AOL courses that I joined were like lamps in the darkness, illuminating the path in front of me. I would like to thank all the teachers and sevas across the nation for helping me. I was truly touched by all that was done. Sudarshan Kriya has purified me and boosted my energy level, allowing me to connect with my true self. I am no longer a victim of life, but a survivor with the strength to become what I envisioned.

There were not any cancer cells being detected from the latest PET scan. And my medication has been reduced to a minimum dose. I am hoping that there will be a day when I can be completely off medication. JGD.

Alodia Wong 17.8.2021

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