Just turn back and look at last year, how many days did you spend worrying about some thing insignificant? How many days did you spend thinking about something which is obsolete now? Our energy is getting dissipated in the form of fears and desires. And it is the desire which makes you weak.

试着回顾想一想去年,花了多少天的时间去担忧那些微不足道的事情?花了多少天的时间去想那些已经过时的物品呢?我们的精力正以恐惧和欲望的形式消散。 欲望使你变得虚弱。

There is a story King Akbar. He was doing a mass prayer on the open grounds. And there was a fakir(saint) who passed by. The king asked God, “Give me more wealth,  Give me more prosperity,” etc. And as he was about to finish, the fakir(saint) who was moving around, passed that way, he just stood and watched him for a couple of minutes and he moved away. And Akbar got up and said, “Oh, wait, wait, what is it that you want? Because I will give you whatever you want. You ask me.” You know, this used to be the tradition in those days. Kings allowed people to ask them whatever desire they had.

有个故事关于阿克巴尔国王。 他正在开阔的场地上祈祷,刚好 有一个圣人路过。 国王请求上帝问说:“给我更多的财富,给我更多的富裕”,等等。当他即将结束时,四处走动的圣人经过国王,他只是站着看着他几分钟,就离开了。 阿克巴国王站起来说:“哦,等等,你想要什么? 因为我会给你你想要的任何东西。 跟我说。” 在过去的传统。 国王允许人们问他们有什么愿望。

So this fakir said “I don’t take anything from a beggar. You yourself were begging, five minutes ago to God to give you more wealth and prosperity! You are still a beggar being an emperor. I don’t need to take anything from you. I’ll take it from whomever you are asking.”

圣人说:“我不需要跟乞丐讨东西。 你自己刚才在乞求,五分钟前在向上帝祈求,给您更多的财富和富裕! 你虽是皇帝但却在乞求.。 我不需要跟你要什么,我会直接向你乞求的对象拿。”

It put Akbar into shame. He realized something very beautiful and said to himself,  “I have been a beggar all my life.”

这使阿克巴尔国王感到蒙羞; 他也意识到一件非常美丽的事情,对自己说:“原来我一生都是乞丐。”

Whatever thing you desire, in front of those people, you become meek, weak, powerless. Love is not that. Love is dedication, is offering, not asking for. Love cannot be experienced in the process of asking, “Give me more. What can you give me?  What joy can you give me?” In this run of asking, snatching, there can’t be Divine love. There can’t be fulfillment.

无论您想要什么,在这些人面前,您都会变得温柔,软弱,无能为力。 爱不是那样。 爱是奉献,是付出,不是要求。你没办法在索取的过程中体验到爱,“给我更多。 你还能给我什么? 你能给我带来什么快乐?” 你无法在索取,抢夺的过程中体验神圣的爱。 这是无法实现的。

This story is an excerpt from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s commentary on Narada Bhakti Sutras

这个故事摘录自古儒吉对Narada Bhakti Sutras的评论