Question 问题 :

Is it important for the outside world to accept my change in personality / my growing dispassion? I don’t care about or see the outside world and when an ego of an external person/world comes up, I concentrate to focus on myself and the present moment and the external world dissolves. Does this make me non-compassionate, or will it evolve over time?

让外在世界接受我人格的改变/不动心的成长, 是重要的吗? 我不在乎或视外在的世界, 当那对外在的人/世界的我执出现, 我专注于自己及当下, 那外在的世界溶解了. 这是否使我没有慈悲, 或它会随著推移而演变?

Answer 答案 :

Dispassion is a very natural maturity that happens to every sincere seeker on the spiritual path. If it is happening to you naturally, be with the happening….. as long as you are sure it is not the Ego!

不动心是发生在每个真诚在灵性道路上的求道者, 非常自然的成熟. 如果这是自然地发生在你身上, 与那发生在一起… 只要你确定这不是我执.

Remember, Dispassion cannot be manipulated
记住, 不动心是不能被操纵的

You cannot force it to ‘not happen’ when it has started naturally. You cannot force it to ‘happen’ when it is not happening. It is what it is!

当它自然的产生时, 你不能强迫它“不发生”. 当它没发生时, 你也不能强迫它“发生”. 是什麽, 就是什麽!

But be careful that the Ego is not using the excuse of ‘dispassion’ to cover up its devious ways. Here are a few check-points to be aware of
但要小心! 我执会以“不动心”为藉口掩盖其狡猾的行径. 以下是些需要注意的检查点

  • Dispassion can never be devoid of compassion. If it is so, then it is the Ego, not dispassion.

    不动心永远不会缺乏慈悲. 如是, 那它是我执而非不动心.
  • Dispassion cannot condemn anyone. If condemnation is existing, then it is the Ego, not dispassion.

    不动心不能谴责任何人. 如果有谴责存在, 那它是我执而非不动心.
  • In dispassion, the world just disappears, it does NOT exist. People/Situations/Things  don’t need to be avoided. If you are avoiding intentionally, then it is the Ego, not dispassion.

    在不动心裡, 这世界消失了, 它并不存在. 不需要去避开人们/情况/事物. 如果你刻意去逃避, 那它是我执而非不动心.
  • Dispassion has a very positive vibe about it. If there is negativity, then it is the Ego, not dispassion.

    不动心有非常积极的氛围. 若有任何的负面, 那它是我执而非不动心.

If you are sure about the non-existence of the Ego as described in the above points, then it is the sprouting of dispassion.

如果你确定上述所描述我执的每一点都不存在, 那麽它就是不动心在萌芽.

The difficult phase of dispassion:

Initially, you will have to go through the struggle of dealing with all kinds of weird equations arising between you and your loved ones on account of baby dispassion sprouting. Lets call it dispassion sprouting pains/birthing discomfort. There will be unrest within you. There will be unrest in the people around you because of it. Be with it. You will learn to accept it soon. Similarly, others will grow to accept a new YOU. This will cause restlessness for some time but have the courage to be with it!

初期, 因不动心宝宝正在发芽, 你将不得不经历与所爱的人之间的各种怪异方程式的挣扎. 让我们称此为不动心发芽的痛苦/不适的诞生. 你内心会有不安. 你周围的人会因为它而不安. 就与它在一起. 你很快就会学会接受它的. 同样的, 其他人会成长以接受这全新的你. 这会引起躁动一阵子, 但有勇气面对它!

Then slowly, it will settle down. A time will come where a happy equation acceptable to both will get established. This could be at the cost of losing some relationships in some cases and you will have to learn to accept that too.

然后慢慢地, 它将安定下来. 有天那能接受两方的快乐方程式将会来到. 在某些情况, 代价可能是得失去某些关係, 且你也必须学会接受.

Whatever happens, tread carefully dear as we never know when the Ego can raise its head and spoil the flow! Veetraaga bhava!

亲爱的, 不管发生什麽, 小心应对, 因为我们从来不知道什麽时侯我执会现出且破坏这流动! Veetraaga bhava!