Guilt is not a pleasant feeling to go through but it has a purpose. It stops you from getting into a cycle of actions that are not good for you and for others. When such action happens, the guilt in you acts like a brake for you not to continue the same act. Guilt is good in the right amount and only for that period of time. If it goes beyond a limit, it eats you up like termites eat up the cupboard.


So, you need skill to get out of guilt, but, at the same time, not totally remove it. It is only when you truly realize that you are not the doer of any action that there is no purpose left for guilt. Until that blossoming, a little bit of guilt serves you. It protects you from any wrongdoing that you might engage in.


A mistake is something that pinches you. It is the pinch that irks the consciousness and that pinch disallows the mistake to be repeated. Be with the pinch and not the guilt. It will also stop you from repeating it. Your very wish to repent has solved the purpose. This wish is an indication that your intellect is maturing. Otherwise, you would not have been aware of your actions.


That person who did a mistake has packed his suitcase and gone. Now, inside you is a new person. Start believing in the innocence of the present moment. Krishna tells Arjuna, “I will relieve you from your sins. You just surrender. Then it’s my responsibility to take care of your sins. Don’t worry. Drop all that you are holding on to — even your dharma.” All that you need to do is to let go of everything you are holding on to.

那个犯错的人早已带着行李远去。此时你的内在焕然一新。相信此刻纯真的本质。克里斯那对阿朱那说:”臣服吧!我将恕你无罪。把你的罪行全归咎于我。不用担心,放下你的执着,包括那些道德规范!” 你所需做的,只是放下你紧抓着的每件事。

Translator : Seva 雅菊