This race for more and more is killing us. More and more and more – how can I get more? Relax, my dear. We don’t even have enough time to enjoy what we have. We should think how we can be more useful to the society; how can we serve more? One who is always thinking of getting something is like a beggar. Everything comes to the one who thinks how she/he can contribute more to the society. There won’t be any shortage for such a person.

这场追逐更多的竞赛会要了我们的命! 多些,再多些,我如何得到更多? 放轻松,我亲爱的,我们连享受自身所有的时间都不够了。我们该想着如何对社会做出多点贡献,多些服务。一个老想着得到更多的人有如乞丐。丰盛自然会降临于心怀社会的人。这样的人永远不会匮乏!

~Sri Sri

Translator : Seva 雅菊