You are right for your partner when you can adjust. Relationship means adjustment, it is giving.

You give what you can to your partner and wait for them to give back to you. If you are demanding from the others, the relationship is not going to last long. Love is always about giving. Know that you have come here (on the planet) to only give love and not demand love from anybody.

你对伴侣付出,同时期待他们回报。如果你不停索求,这段感情是无法持久的。爱的本质就是给予。要知道今天你在这里 (这个星球) 纯粹为了付出爱,而非向他人索求!

Demand and blame destroy relationships.

Just imagine yourself in their situation. How would you feel if someone doubts your love for them, and you have to make an extra effort to make them believe that you love them? Is it not a burden?

让自己换位思考。如果他人怀疑你的爱,你得更努力让对方确信你是爱他的,你怎么想? 这难道不是一种负担吗?

Learn to praise your partner and uplift a situation instead of blaming and finding fault. Uplifting your partner should be your commitment . Then you are the right person for anybody, and everybody will love you when you don’t hurt them intentionally. 


Be open to correction and changes, and have the patience to listen to criticism.

You have to be patient to take in criticism.

See your partner beyond his or her words and actions.

When someone comes home after a long tiring day at work, it is normal for them to feel exhausted and frustrated. So you should understand their situation and give them the space/freedom to express their genuine feelings of frustrations, anger etc.  When someone is in labor pain, and if you say, ‘Don’t deliver, keep it, keep it, keep the baby inside.’ What can they do? How long can they keep it inside? Somewhere they have to explode. You should allow them to express and let go of all their stresses that they have carried all the day.

人结束了一整天漫长累人的工作回家后,带着疲惫和挫折感是正常的。理解并允许他们自由地表达挫折,愤怒等真实感受。一个人正经历生产之痛,你说:” 憋着,憋着,别让宝宝出来!” 那人该咋办? 能憋多久?终究会爆发的。让他们表达,释放他们承受一整天的压力。

Understand why your partner is upset or unhappy then your relationship will work.

If you are understanding, you will allow them to tell you everything that happened and you can uplift them! But if you expect them not to tell anything and be nice to you 24/7 and find fault with them all the time, then relationships do not work!

你的理解创造了对方向你倾诉事发过程的空间,你也能趁此提升他们。如果你希望对方只字不提,只是24/7一味对你好; 而你总在找茬,那这段感情是行不通的。