Question: How to handle anger? 
问 :如何处理愤怒

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: First, create some space for imperfection in life. Do not expect everyone to be perfect overnight. It will take some time for you to get to that level, where anger does not even touch you. It will keep coming in different shades and intensities.

古儒德夫 : 首先,为生命中的不完美创造一些空间。 不要期待每个人一夜之间变得完美。你需要经历时间好让愤怒无法触及你。 它会持续以不同的色调和强度侵入。

And then keep relaxing your system, attend to yourself.

持续让神经系统放松, 并关照自己。

This world cannot be so perfect, so broaden your vision. You cannot make everyone the way you want them to be. Unpleasant things are bound to happen. When it happens, you should have the strength and courage to move on. Meditation will definitely provide you that needed strength to overcome anger. Once in a while if anger comes up, don’t start blaming yourself. One thing that can be very detrimental on the spiritual path is self blame. Keep moving ahead. This is where Sangha, group or company can also help. Whatever you cannot do alone, you can get help and support from a group, from good company.

世界是无法非常完美的。 扩大你的视野。 你无法让每个人都符合你的期望。不愉快的事情肯定会发生。 当它发生时, 你应该有继续前进的能力和勇气。 静心肯定会提供你克服愤怒所需的能力。 偶尔当愤怒升起时, 不要责怪自己。自责是对灵性修行的一种伤害。 继续前进。 僧团,团体,或伙伴可以给予帮助。任何你无法独自完成的, 可以从团体或好伙伴中寻求帮助及支持。

Sangha has many benefits, but a few drawbacks also. It can also take up a lot of your energy. It can be draining at times. Many times you will have to compromise on something. The positive effect is that Sangha helps you to move forward. It gives you that much needed support to move forward. 

僧团有许多好处,也有缺点。 这些缺点会占用甚至耗尽你的能量。 很多时候你不得不向一些事情妥协。 僧团的好处是让你持续向前,为你提供大量进步所需的支持。

Whenever your mind goes topsy-turvy, or if your emotions are going up and down, when your inner faith is shaken, then at such times the Sangha will carry you forward. It will help you move through the situations. One negative effect of the Sangha is that if someone in the group is negative and miserable and you are not careful enough and join hands with that person, then it can bring you down as well. 

每当你心智混乱不安,情绪起伏, 内在信念动摇时,僧团此刻会带领你前进。 它协助你应对任何状况。 负面影响是,若僧团里有人是消极和痛苦的,你和他合作时会不小心受影响,导致自己失落。

~Sri Sri