Life is a combination of both destiny and free will. For example, your height is your destiny and your weight is your free will.


An intelligent person will always see the past as destiny, and the future as free will. If you think that the past was about free will, then you will only sit and regret in the present. And if you think that the future is all destiny then you will have no enthusiasm to do anything in the present. So fools think that the past was free will and the future is destiny, and get depressed and become unhappy.


Someone once asked me, “Did you become a Guru by choice or by accident?”
I said, “By accident!” — so that is the destiny. Knowing that the past is destiny, the future is free will, you should live happily in the present moment. This is wisdom.

曾有人问我:” 成为上师是您的主观选择或纯属偶然?”我答道:”是偶然!” 所以说,这就是注定好的。去发现过去所发生的一切都注定好了,未来则取决于你的自主意志,你应该快乐地活在每个当下。这就是智慧。

A strong body can carry a weak mind, but a weak mind cannot carry even a strong body. Clarity in the mind and purity in the heart are the signs of happiness. Having these will uplift your spirit, and it has not left anyone untouched.