Many a time, you become angry or miserable because of the feverishness for perfection. If you are too much of a perfectionist, you are bound to be an angry person. In a state of ignorance, imperfection is natural and perfection is an effort. In a state of wisdom or enlightenment, imperfection is an effort; perfection is unavoidable!


When you are in ‘vairagya’ (dispassion), you can take care of even insignificant things with perfection. Perfection is the very nature of the Enlightened One. When we are joyful, we don’t look for perfection. If you are looking for perfection, you are not at the source of joy. Joy is the realisation that there is no vacation from wisdom.

当你处于’vairagta’, 意即不动心时,你能完美地处理好每个不起眼的细节。完美是开悟者的本质。当我们是喜悦的,我们不会追求完美。如果你追求完美,你不是处于喜悦的源头。喜悦是对智慧永不停歇的一种觉悟。

The world appears imperfect on the surface but, underneath, all is perfect. Perfection hides; imperfection shows off. The wise will not stay on the surface but will probe into the depth. Things are not blurred; your vision is blurred. Infinite actions prevail in the wholeness of consciousness, and yet, the consciousness remains perfect, untouched. Realise this now and be natural.


In this world, everything cannot be perfect all the time. Even the best, the greatest of actions, performed with the noblest of intentions, will have some imperfections. It is but natural. Unfortunately, the tendency of our mind is to grab the imperfection and hold on to it. And, in the process, we end up making our moods, our minds imperfect and our souls reel with this nonsense. It is imperative to get out of these cycles, and to become strong and courageous from within.