1) Friendliness 友善

Be friendly with people who are happy. If you are not friendly with happy people, you will be jealous. This is because you think that your enemy is happy, and you cannot tolerate your enemy being happy. So, shake hands with happy people. Such an attitude does a lot of good to your mind.

对快乐的人友善。 若你不对快乐的人友善,那你就会嫉妒。 这是因为你认为你的敌人是快乐的。 而你无法忍受你的敌人快乐。 因此,和快乐的人握手。 这样的态度对你的心智非常有益。

2) Compassion:  同情

Do not be friendly with people who are miserable, instead, have compassion for them. If you are friendly with unhappy people you will become unhappy. And if you become unhappy, you can never help them to come out of their misery. 

不要和悲惨的人友善,反正,同情他们。 若你和不快乐的人友善你将会变成不快乐。 当你变成不快乐, 你将无法帮助他们走出他们的苦难。

Many people have gotten into trouble by being friendly with unhappy people; both become miserable. It is like a doctor going to a patient who is sick, and the doctor also becomes sick. If the doctor also thinks, ‘How can I alone be healthy? Let me also share the patient’s misery’, then who will help the patient then?

很多人因为对不快乐的人友善而陷入麻烦。 那就好像医生去看一个病人, 然后那医生也病倒了。 若那医生也这样想“ 我怎么可以自己健康呢? 让我也去分担病人的苦难吧” 那么, 还有谁可以帮助那病人呢?

So, what should be the attitude with people who are miserable? Compassion, not pity.

所以, 对痛苦的人应该有什么态度呢? 同情, 不是可怜。

3) Happiness 快乐

For people who are doing good work or who are successful in the world, you should feel happy as though you are doing it.

对那些做了好事或者在世上非常成功的人士, 你应该好像如同是你自己做的一样快乐。

For example, someone is a good singer, singing and bringing joy to everybody, seeing him you should think, ‘I feel so happy that this person is singing so well, and making everyone happy.’

比如, 某人是非常好的歌手, 唱歌及带喜悦给每一个人, 看到他, 你应该这样想,“ 这个人唱歌这么好听,每个人都快乐, 我感到非常欢喜”

If someone is a good entertainer and he entertains everybody you should feel happy about it. If someone is a great architect and builds beautiful buildings you should feel happy about it. Whenever someone does a good job, share that happiness with them; we need to have this attitude.

若某人是一位很好的艺人,他娱乐每一个人,你应该对此感到开心。 某人是好的建筑师并建立非常美丽的建筑物你应该对此感到欢喜。 每当有人做了好事, 随喜那快乐。 我们需要有这样的态度。

4) Indifference: 冷漠/无所谓

For people who are doing horrible things in the society, destroying themselves, we usually get angry at them. When you are angry, your mind suffers a huge loss. You lose so much energy, you lose your mood, and your enthusiasm. When energy and enthusiasm goes away from you, you become angry and are no better than the other person. You do not know what you are doing. So, what should you do in such a situation? Have a sort of indifference in your mind.

对于在社会上做了非常可怕事件, 毁坏他们自己的人, 我们通常对他们非常生气。 当你生气时, 你的心智遭受巨大损失。 你失去这么多能量。 你心情变不好, 及失去你的热忱。当能量和热忱离你而去, 你变得生气及变得和他人没什么两样。 你不知道你在做什么。 所以, 这样的情况下你应该如何做? 在你的心智里有保持冷漠

For example, there are thieves in the world, they are there, what can you do about them? First accept, be indifferent. However, this does not mean you do not take any action. Your mind is indifferent (unaffected), but you act on it.

比如, 在世界上有小偷, 他们在哪里, 你可以对他们做些什么呢? 首先, 接受, 无所谓。 但是, 这不表示你什么都不做。 你的心智是冷漠(不受影响) 但是你对此行动。

These are the four attitudes that will help us to save our mind. This is what we need to do, save our mind at all costs.

这就是保护我们心智的4种态度。 这就是我们需要做的。 不论任何代价, 保护我们的心智。