The mind is like a mirror, whatever comes in front of it is reflected in it. But a mirror doesn’t cry, “Oh, I got dirty!” when a dirty picture comes in front of it. And it doesn’t jump up and say, “Oh, I have got these wonderful qualities” when something good is reflected.

心智像面镜子, 反射眼前的任何物品。 但镜子不会在照到一个肮脏的图片时哭泣,“噢, 我被弄脏了” , 它也不会在反射到一些美好物件时跳起来说“ 噢, 我拥有这些美好的品质”

When you’re driving, you can see in the mirror that there is a garbage can behind your car. Just imagine the mirror identifying itself with the garbage can. Or, imagine the mirror identifying with some beautiful scenery. In both cases, what would you say? It’s a stupid idea, it’s not the case. The mirror is neither the garbage can, nor the scenery. And that is exactly how it is with our own consciousness.

你在驾驶时, 你可以从倒后镜里看到车后有个垃圾桶。 想象一下那镜子认为它自己是那垃圾桶, 或者,想象那镜子认为自己是一些美丽的风景。 在这这两种情况下, 你会说什么呢? 这是愚蠢的想法。 镜子既不是垃圾桶也不是风景。 而我们自己的意识就是这样子的。

Our consciousness is like a mirror. Different images come onto it, and they all move away. Know this, and be free. When we get attached to any of those images, that is bondage. So, wake up and see – the mind is a mirror.

我们的意识就如一面镜子。 不同的形象进入其中后就离开。 知道这一点并获得自由。 当我们附属于任何这些形象时, 那就是束缚。 所以, 醒来看看, 心智就是一面镜子。

Anybody you think of, their emotions and their state of mind latches on to you and is reflected through you. If you keep thinking about happy people, you get happy. Thinking about unhappy things, you feel unhappy. That’s why I have said, “Don’t hate anybody.” Not for the sake of the person whom you hate, but for your own sake. Your own mind, your nervous system, will assume the form, shape, and color of that person. The most intelligent thing to do is not to hate anybody, because whomsoever you hate, you get those impressions embedded in you.

你想到的任何人, 他们的情绪及他们的心态依附着你并且通过你放映出来。 若你时刻想到快乐的人, 你感到快乐。 想到不开心的事件你感到不快乐。 所以我说过,“ 不要憎恨任何人” 不是为了那个你讨厌的人, 而是为了你自己。 你自己的心智, 你的神经系统, 会去假设那个人的形体, 形状和颜色。 不憎恨人是最聪明的做法, 因为无论你讨厌的是谁, 你都会把那印象深刻的嵌入你内心。