This Mother Divine is a symbolization of the creation, and the entire creation is made up of five elements. These five elements have three qualities. These are

神性之母是创造界的象征,整个创造界是由五个元素组成的。这五种元素具有三个特质。 分别是 :

  • Sattva 悦性
  • Rajas 变性
  • Tamas 惰性

These are the names given to the three qualities, and everything in this creation is governed by these three qualities. They also relate to our state of consciousness, such as waking, dreaming and sleeping state.



Now, there is a broad understanding of what Sattva is, what Rajas is and what Tamas is. Sattva is the quality which is responsible for clarity, wisdom and righteous action. When Sattva is dominating in our environment, or in the body, that is when we feel light, happy, pleasant, joyful, alert, awake, and our perceptions are very clear.

如今,我们对悦性,变性和惰性有了广泛的理解。悦性负责的是清晰,智慧和公义行动的品质。 当悦性主宰我们周遭或体内的环境时,我们感觉轻盈,快乐,舒畅,喜悦,机敏,觉醒,同时,感知也变得异常清晰。


Rajas is the quality which is responsible for activity in the body and mind. We cannot ‘act’ without a certain level of RajasRajas has its benefits when it is in balance with the other two Gunas. However, when Rajas increases or is dominating, we get lots of thoughts, we feel restless, we have too many desires and too many things to be done. Also, we either feel very happy and excited, or extremely low. This is the effect of the Rajo Guna.

变性是负责身体和心智活动的品质。 没有一定程度的变性,我们则无法“行动”。 当变性与其他两个属性保持平衡时,变性将凸显其优势。 然而,当变性增加或主宰时,我们会产生许多想法,感觉不安,及有太多的欲望和事情等待我们完成。要么我们感觉非常快乐和兴奋,要么感到非常沮丧。 这就是Rajo Guna的效果。


Tamas is the quality which is responsible for rest in the body and mind. Without a certain level of Tamas, one cannot ‘sleep’. However, when Tamas is not in balance, that is when delusion, wrong understanding, dullness, etc., come forth.

惰性是负责身心和心智休息的品质。 如果没有一定程度的惰性,我们将无法入睡。 然而,当惰性失衡时,那将招揽妄想,谬见及愚钝等行为。

At any given time, one of the three qualities dominates our life. When Sattva dominates in our life, then Rajas and Tamas stay in the background and their effect is minimum. When Rajas dominates, Sattva and Tamas are in the background. And when Tamas dominates, then Sattva and Rajas are in the background, and their effect is minimal. This is the whole mechanism of life in the world.

在特定的时空里,我们的生命被这其中某种属性所主宰。 当生命由悦性主导时,变性和惰性显得隐晦,对生命的影响是微不足道的。 同样的,当变性或惰性主宰时,其它两种属性则退居幕后,不起任何作用。 这是整个世间生命运行的机制。

These three qualities are also present in our food. Our food can be SattvicRajasic or Tamasic. Our mind and intellect can be SattvicRajasic or Tamasic. Our attitude and actions can be SattvicRajasic or Tamasic.


These three Gunas come in cycles, one after the other. It is natural to experience these three qualities from time to time. Sometimes you feel happy, joyful, and alert (Sattva). Sometimes you feel restless, sad, burdened with too many things to do, and have many desires (Rajas). And sometimes you just feel dull, sleepy and lazy (Tamas).

这三种属性将循环出现,一个接替一个。 我们自然地,周而复始地经历这三种品质。 有时您感到快乐,喜悦,和敏锐(悦性)。 有时,您感到不安,悲伤,因过多的事务而形成的负担,并且有很多欲望(变性)。 有时您会感到沉闷,困乏和懒散(惰性)。

Though we experience all the three qualities from time to time, we can still keep our levels of Sattva high by leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting, etc., also contribute towards keeping the Sattva levels high. The higher the Sattva, the more happiness and clarity one experiences.