What is meant by being healthy? Health is being physically strong, mentally calm and steady, and emotionally soft inside. You are not healthy when you feel rough inside. When the mind is stiff or the mind is in judgement, it is not in good health. When the emotions are rough, you are not emotionally healthy. Health is that flow from the innermost to the outer, and vice-versa, from the outer to the inner.

健康是什么意思呢? 健康是身体的强健, 精神的平静和稳定, 及内在情绪的柔和。 当你感到内在是粗糙的, 你就不是健康的。 当心智是处在僵硬或评判的时候, 它就是不健康的。 当情绪低落时的, 你就不是处在健康的情绪里。 健康是从内在流露到外在,或反正, 从外在流动到内在。

Life has four characteristics: it exists, evolves, expresses and extinguishes. And for life to exist, evolve, express and extinguish, it depends on the five elements: earth, water, air, ether and fire. According to Ayurveda, life does not consist of rigid compartments. It is a harmonious flow. Even these five elements which the whole universe is made up of are not tight compartments of defined objects. They flow into one another – fire cannot exist without air, earth and water have space within them.

生命有4个特征: 它存在, 进化,表达及熄灭。 生命的存在,进化, 表达及熄灭取决于五个元素: 土, 水,空气,乙太及火。 根据阿育吠陀, 生命不由刚硬的隔间组成。 它是一个和谐的流动。甚至这整个宇宙组成的五个元素也不是定义物件的紧密隔间。 它们彼此互相流动 – 缺少空气, 土壤和水的空间就不可能存在火。

Ayurveda is the study of life. Veda means knowledge, to know and Ayur is life. The holistic approach of Ayurveda includes exercise, diet, breathing and meditation.

阿育吠陀是对生命的研究。 吠陀意即知识, 知道。 阿育是生命。 阿育吠陀的整体方法包括运动,饮食,呼吸和静心。

How do you attain good health? First, by attending to the ether element, that is the mind element. If your mind is bogged with too many impressions and thoughts, it is draining you of your immunity and preparing your body for some illness. If the mind is clear, calm, meditative and pleasant, the body’s resistance will increase and it will not allow an illness to come. The first remedy is calming down the mind – coming from the subtlest aspect of creation, the ether.

你如何维持健康? 首先, 关注乙太元素 , 那就是心灵元素。 若你的心智被太多印记和思想所困, 它会消耗你的免疫力, 让你的身体准备患病。 若心智是清晰,平稳, 安静及愉悦, 身体的抵抗力就会增加, 并且不让疾病靠近。 首要让心智平静- 来自创造界最微妙的 – 乙太.

Then comes the air element. Breathing, aromatherapy, etc can be used to create a change at this level. And then light or colour therapy. By energising our system with Prana, life energy, and breath, you can prevent the illness before it starts.

再来是风元素。 可以使用呼吸, 芬香疗法等在此级别上进行修改。 然后,进行光疗或色彩疗法. 通过PRANA, 生命能量及呼吸为我们的系统提升能量, 预防疾病到来.

That is what yoga does. In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali has said that the purpose of yoga is stopping the sorrow before it arises, to burn the seed before it sprouts. That is one of the most beautiful Sutras.

那就是瑜伽的作为。 帕坦加利在瑜伽经说, 瑜伽的目的是在悲伤出现前压制它. 在种子发芽前先燃烧它. 那是最美丽的经典.

Next is the water element. Fasting and purifying the system with water, can bring a lot of balance in the system. And the final recourse, of course, are different herbs,  medicines and surgery – the earth element. All this comes in the final stage when everything else fails or when you neglect the other steps and the illness becomes inevitable.

接下来是水元素。 以水禁食及净化系统可为系统带来很多平衡。 当然, 最终的追索, 是各类不同的草药,药物及外科手术- 土元素。 这些都在当一切都失败时, 或者你忽略其他步骤而导致疾病无法避免时候, 最后的方法

Our breath has a lot of secrets to offer us, because for every emotion in the mind, there is a corresponding rhythm in the breath. And each rhythm affects certain parts of the body, physically. You only need to observe it and you can feel it. Observing this correlation between sensations and moods of the mind is meditation, attending to it is meditation.

我们的呼吸提供我们很多的秘密, 因为心智里的每一个情绪在呼吸都有一个相对的韵律。 每一个节奏都会影响身体上的某些部位, 你只需要观察就可以感觉到。 观察感觉和和心智之间的这些关联就是静心, 关注它就是静心.

And then there are proper food habits. Proper food in the sense that you eat only as much as is essential. It should be well-digested so that you don’t feel too heavy, even when you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning or come for meditation. The right amount of food – sweet, fresh and gently spiced.

还有就是适当的饮食习惯。 适当的食物即只吃必要的。 它应该是经过良好的消化, 以便就是即使你是上床睡觉或早晨醒床或静心时候都不会感觉太沉重。适当的食物 – 甜,新鲜且略带香味。

What I would finally suggest, is to take one week off every year for yourself. During that time, align yourself with nature. Wake up with the sunrise, eat proper food – just as much is necessary – do some exercises: yoga and breathing exercises, a few minutes of singing, keeping silence and enjoying the creation. By aligning yourself with nature, your whole system gets recharged and you will feel vibrant and enthusiastic for a long time to come.

最后我建议, 每年为自己休假一周。 那个时候, 让自己和大自然一致。 日出时候醒来, 吃适当的食物 – 必要的时候 – 做些运动: 瑜伽及呼吸运动, 几分钟的歌唱,保持静默及享受创作。 通过和大自然相合一, 你整个系统都会焕然一新, 你会很长一段时间, 都充满活力和热忱.