Connect to the source

We are connected to this universe – to some power that makes this whole creation happen. This power is filled with love; the whole creation is filled with love. Navratri is the time for you to realize that you are loved, and rest in this feeling of love. When you do this, you come out feeling stronger, wiser, rejuvenated, refreshed and harmonious.

In our day-to-day lives, we get very caught up in different activities. All kinds of noises are constantly going on in our minds – bickering, arguing, and judging, and so on. Navratri is a time to overcome these tendencies and unite with the source.

How to experience Navratri and feel your soul

The way to transition to the spiritual world – to undertake the journey to the inner self, is through silence, fasting, chanting, and meditation.


What stops you from experiencing inner peace is your busy mind, constantly thinking, and, at times, obsessing, about something or the other. Observing silence for some time can help bring rest to the chattering mind. When the mind is quiet, you experience deep rest, peace, and clarity. This, in turn, enhances your ability to express yourself much better. So take some time out to observe silence, as it is one of the most effective ways to clean your mind.

With silence, the mind becomes sharper; you become more aware of what you are saying, and your intuition, also, becomes stronger.


Fasting is done to detoxify the body. The type, quality and quantity of food that you consume affects your body. Some foods add toxins to your system; fasting can help flush them out. Then, once your body is cleansed, you can maintain a clean system by eating the right kind of food in the right quantity.

The body and the mind are very intimately connected. So when the body is cleansed through fasting, the mind is also purified. And, a pure mind is calm and peaceful.

So this Navratri, fast with a little bit of fruit and water, or small quantities of easily digestible food, to keep the body light. You will see the difference it makes to your mind. It’s best to fast as per your body’s prakruti or Ayurvedic constitution. You can consult an Ayurvedic vaidya or doctor to understand your prakruti and the specific fasting guidelines for you. 


Meditation takes you deep into your being. It helps you transcend the mind, and go beyond it. It is the pathway to feeling your soul. So this Navratri, make it a point to meditate every day.

Meditation also makes your body strong, mind clear, emotions positive and soft and, hence, your overall health better. Your intuitive ability becomes keener. It also improves the vibrations surrounding you, bringing positive energy into your life.

Moreover, if you meditate in a group, it becomes a yagna. When done in a group, the benefits of meditation are multiplied, as the group consciousness has the power to elevate you at a faster pace.


Most words have energy associated with them. For instance, when someone insults you with unpleasant words, it has an adverse effect on your mind. On the other hand, when someone praises you, calling you beautiful, or kind, it uplifts you.

Mantras are very ancient sounds that carry deep and transformational energy with them. And since the same mantras have been used for thousands of years, these sounds have gained considerable power.

Chanting ancient mantras, or even listening to them has a transforming effect on the mind. It helps to calm and purify the mind. If you observe closely, after listening to, or chanting mantras, positive thoughts enter your mind, while negative ones melt away.

Listening to or chanting mantras reduces the agitation in your mind. It enhances positive communication, brings clarity to mind, and augments positive emotions. Mantras have many benefits, but one of the most important benefits is that they bring refinement to your consciousness.